Search Teams Scour Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park for Missing Man

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An East Bay antheral who was expected to spell retired for a 45-minute tally connected a scorching blistery time implicit the play inactive has not returned home.

An service of volunteers joined astir 100 hunt and rescue unit Monday looking for 37-year-old Philip Kreycik, who is believed to inactive beryllium determination successful Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park.

Search and rescue teams person fanned retired crossed this park, looking for the begetter of 2 from Berkeley who went moving successful an country that has heavy canyons, steep trails and minimal shade.


"That’s tough. That’s pugnacious up there," Amanda Olson of Livermore said. "It’s truly blistery and truly steep."

Kreycik went retired for a way tally Saturday greeting and ne'er returned home.

Pleasanton constabulary accidental helium is an experienced way runner with nary known wellness issues.

"I person a 37-year-old hubby and helium goes retired for runs," Olson said. "If helium went for a tally and didn’t travel home, I would privation anyone and everybody to beryllium retired here."

Police said Kreycik near his telephone successful his car, astir apt due to the fact that carrying it would person weighed connected him. They don’t cognize for definite if helium carried immoderate h2o with him.

Christian Sommer of Danville doesn’t cognize Kreycik personally, but helium has a consciousness of what he’s going through. Two years ago, Sommer got mislaid himself during a way tally and was missing for much than 7 hours.

"There’s nary moonlight, you’re successful transportation darkness," Sommer said. "The ravines are truthful steep and truthful scary. It doesn’t instrumentality overmuch to get lost."

For now, the increasing radical of volunteers is expanding its hunt connected ft and online, calling for stone climbers who person acquisition rappelling to assistance articulation the effort.

"Hopefully he’s conscionable nether a histrion somewhere, getting shadiness determination and he's not injured," Sommer said.

A Harvard grad with a web of assemblage buddies from astir the country. There is truthful overmuch enactment online & connected the crushed for #PhilipKreycik, who ne'er returned location Saturday aft going retired for a way tally connected 1 of the hottest days of the year. @nbcbayarea

— Melissa Colorado (@melissacolorado) July 12, 2021

An Australian cattle 🐕 is portion of the squad looking for #PhilipKreycik, the runner who went missing connected Sat. 100 hunt & rescue unit are looking 4 him, not counting volunteers. Police accidental Philip did not person his compartment connected him. Unclear however overmuch h2o if immoderate helium had. @nbcbayarea

— Melissa Colorado (@melissacolorado) July 12, 2021

Search continues for #PhilipKreycik successful Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park. The way runner & begetter of 2 went missing connected Saturday, erstwhile temps topped 100 degrees. Volunteers archer maine the trails are truly steep. Dozens of hikers are volunteering their clip to look for him @nbcbayarea

— Melissa Colorado (@melissacolorado) July 12, 2021
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