SF's Chinatown Block Party Aims to Bring Community Together

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In San Francisco’s Chinatown connected Saturday, radical gathered for 1 of the archetypal thoroughfare just events since the pandemic began.

It besides came with a connection of multicultural solidarity

More than a twelvemonth aft the structure successful spot that deed Chinatown hard, determination was a alteration of gait connected Pacific Avenue for the Ping Yuen Summer Block Party.


“We’re trying to physique Asian Black solidarity and close present we speech astir the large issues, what are we doing successful our ain neighborhood,” said Rev. Norman Fong.

The lawsuit was held extracurricular Ping Yuen Public Housing. It was organized by Chinatown Community Development Center, Community Youth Center and assemblage groups.

San Francisco London Breed was 1 of the speakers of the event.

“This is what unity looks similar erstwhile we travel unneurotic arsenic a assemblage to support 1 another,” she said.

Organizers offered for food, euphony and a message

“Last twelvemonth is determination was a large uptick successful AAPI hatred and unit incidence. A batch of clip determination is simply a batch of anti-blackness sentiment that has been precise divisive successful the community,” said Sarah Wan, Community Youth Center.

Ryan Pan lives successful the neighborhood. A twelvemonth aft the pandemic began, he’s seeing much residents and visitors out. He hopes events similar this help.

"I deliberation it’s precise cool, you cognize its a agelong overdue," helium said.

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