South Bay Residents Get Vaccinated as COVID-19 Cases Rise

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As the fig of COVID-19 cases climbs successful Santa Clara County and much radical are diagnosed with the delta variant, doctors accidental it’s important to get much radical vaccinated.

On Saturday, COVID-19 vaccines were waiting for the arms of galore radical who were hesitant to get a changeable until now.

People similar Juan Carlos Cortes who admitted Saturday that helium waited for months due to the fact that helium wanted to spot if others reported adverse reactions.

Now, helium feels assured astir getting the vaccine.

“I deliberation it’s important for maine and my family,” helium said.

He joined 36 others, who received a vaccine astatine the Campbell Methodist Church Saturday.

A fewer miles distant astatine the Food Maxx parking batch successful San Jose, 244 radical received shots.


Some radical who talked to NBC Bay Area’s Marianne Favro Saturday said that the climbing cases of the delta variant prompted them to yet get vaccinated.

A full of 345 cases of the delta and delta positive variants person been reported successful Santa Clara County, a leap of astir 200 cases from the erstwhile week.

Pradnya Nigade is each excessively acquainted with the delta variant she was hospitalized with it successful India.

“It was awful,” she said. “I was admitted to the infirmary for 8 days and portion one didn't request to person oxygen, I did person dense medications.”

Because Nigade had the coronavirus, she said doctors told her she’d person to hold 90 days earlier getting a vaccine.

“This is time 91 actually. I couldn’t hold to get vaccinated,” she said.

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