South Bay Track Coach Will Stand Trial for Allegedly Abusing Female Athletes

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A erstwhile way manager accused by galore women of molesting them erstwhile they were his precocious schoolhouse athletes volition basal trial.

A justice connected Monday made the ruling pursuing much than a week of grounds successful Chioke Robinson's case. More than a fractional twelve women during grounds recounted what they assertion was maltreatment by Robinson.

Robinson somewhat shook his caput arsenic the justice ordered him to basal trial. Prosecutors told the tribunal that Robinson preyed connected young girls.

"From the precise opening the suspect would groom these girls," Deputy District Attorney Anne Seery said. "He groomed them. He manipulated them. He controlled them. He ruined them."

Seery went connected to accidental Robinson "was a predator. And different girls tried to talk up and helium got distant with it."

Heather Hennessy said she needs her therapy canine to assistance woody with the pain.

Hennessy was a way prima astatine Archbishop Mitty High School erstwhile she said the maltreatment began. She past transferred to Los Gatos High School, wherever she said Robinson followed her arsenic a way coach.

"This feline stalked me, helium molested maine erstwhile I was 14," Hennessy said. "I had to woody with him stalking maine done precocious school."

A erstwhile Los Gatos High School prima way jock is responding to an NBC Bay Area probe saying she was sexually abused connected field years agone and the schoolhouse failed to support her. Investigative newsman Candice Nguyen has more.

Hennessy said she volition beryllium a witnesser during his trial. She is besides suing some precocious schools for what she said was negligence successful protecting their pupil athletes.

Robinson declined to remark connected Monday. His lawyer said she knows the proceedings volition beryllium an uphill battle.

"It's truly hard to get a just proceedings successful this benignant of situation," said Laura Robinson, who is representing Chioke Robinson. "He adamantly proclaims his innocence -- for these charges and each these allegations."

For now, Hennessy said she volition trust connected her therapy canine to assistance get her done trial.

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