Stats Show Crime in San Francisco Down in 2021

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San Francisco’s politician and constabulary main accidental their metropolis is getting a atrocious rap from viral videos of brazen and sometimes convulsive crimes. 

They unveiled the city’s transgression stats for the archetypal fractional of this twelvemonth Monday, and immoderate of the numbers mightiness astonishment you. 

“There’s nary statistic for our outlook and what it perceived astir what’s happening successful our city,” said San Francisco Police Department Chief William Scott.


Perception’s a existent interest and San Francisco's constabulary main and politician accidental it's not fair.

“What’s not being brought to the forefront is that successful astir each azygous instance, our constabulary section has arrested galore of these people,” said Mayor London Breed.

An East Bay antheral said helium follows transgression successful the metropolis connected apps, due to the fact that helium works determination and believes the sheer fig of crimes person gone mode up, particularly car break-ins. 

“I mean this twelvemonth alone, I’ve seen truthful galore car break-ins, it’s pathetic,” said Nathan Hill. “I adjacent tried to pursuit a guy.”

But metropolis leaders contend --  their stats amusement car break-ins are really down successful 2021 compared to the past 5 years. So are robberies, on with assaults.

But weapon unit is up, 119 crimes with guns successful the archetypal fractional of 2021 -- by acold the astir successful six years and much than treble 2019, close earlier the pandemic began.

And San Francisco's constabulary main says officers are uncovering much homemade, unregistered shade guns than ever before. The numbers are up “exponentially."

“They’re dangerous. They’re unregulated,” said Chief Scott. “They’re untraceable, and they’re a occupation for our city.”

The weapon unit on with videos of different crimes are surely a interest for visitors.

“But we benignant of had the speech with the kids astir noticing your situation and your surroundings,” said Connie Tong of Los Angeles.             

The metropolis is trying to reassure families, similar the Tongs, that San Francisco's harmless and they’re re-deploying patrols on Fisherman’s Wharf and different fashionable tourer spots - thing not going unnoticed.

“We’ve felt similar there’s been much constabulary surveillance successful the area,” said Tong. “We’ve seen much constabulary officers.”

 But the constabulary main says he’s abbreviated 400 officers, truthful the metropolis is relying connected overtime to saturate occupation spots.

“When you travel to San Francisco and perpetrate a crime, you volition beryllium arrested by this constabulary department,” said Breed.

Putting would-be criminals connected announcement arsenic overmuch arsenic trying to easiness the minds of residents and visitors.

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