Team USA Women's Gymnastics Squad Leaves SFO for Tokyo Olympics

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Olympic golden medal gymnast Simone Biles flew retired of SFO Wednesday with the women’s gymnastics squad to vie successful the Olympic games successful Tokyo.

“Right now, I’m feeling beauteous confident. Pretty strong,” said Biles.

In a contention wherever gymnasts bash daring, seemingly intolerable moves, Biles raised the bar.

She struck golden successful Rio 2016 games and now, she’s heading backmost to the Olympics successful Tokyo.

"I consciousness similar the biggest expectations radical enactment connected maine are the ones I enactment connected myself, truthful I effort not to deliberation astir it," she added.

Just earlier she flew retired of SFO, Biles said she’s acceptable to vie successful events that won’t spot fans owed to the pandemic.


“Not having spectators volition beryllium precise antithetic due to the fact that I consciousness similar I strive disconnected pressure. So, we volition spot however it is. We can’t power the variables that we’re given. So, we’re conscionable focusing connected what we tin control,” Biles said.

United, the hose sponsor of Team USA, held a sendoff solemnisation astatine SFO for each 25 athletes leaving Wednesday, which was rather a dainty for travelers to see.

“This is simply a large time for america for 40 years we person supported the athletes that spell alert to vie for our country,” said Janet Lamkin, a spokesperson for United Airlines.

Biles said she is acceptable to scope caller heights with the acquisition and position of a 24-year-old.

“Coming in, I thought it would astir wounded maine due to the fact that I americium a small spot older but I consciousness similar I person aged similar good wine. So, I consciousness similar I get a small spot older, I get a small spot better. So, that’s a plus.

Biles said she aims to lend the astir she tin to the team.

“Just spell retired determination and beryllium the champion I tin be,” she said.

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