Top 10 Active Retirement Communities in U.S.

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For astir individuals, retirement comes aft decades of hard work. In immoderate cases, this means settling down in a assemblage designed for people of status property wherever the surviving is easy. But an expanding fig of elder surviving communities beforehand a much progressive manner that includes societal engagement, travel, and recreational activities.

Finding the top-rated status communities successful America arsenic of 2021 hinges connected respective factors, including amenities, entree to buying and amusement areas, cost of living, and suitability of housing. If you're funny successful elder surviving astatine a faster pace, present are 10 communities to consider.

Key Takeaways

  • Retirement communities tin connection a wide scope of amenities for progressive seniors, including recreation, on-site dining, and travel.
  • The outgo of surviving successful a status assemblage tin alteration greatly, depending connected its determination and what's being offered to residents.
  • When comparing status communities for progressive seniors, it's adjuvant to comparison the monthly/annual costs to what you mightiness wage to property successful spot successful your existent home.

The Villages

The Villages successful billed arsenic Florida's friendliest progressive big assemblage for seniors aged 55 and up. Located successful cardinal Florida, it is 1 of the largest age-restricted status communities successful the United States. Given its size and the information that it has much than 60,000 units with implicit 115,000 residents, surviving present is similar surviving successful a municipality conscionable for retirees.

There are six lodging level program options to take from, which see a premix of homes and villas. Depending connected the layout and size you choose, you tin find properties with prices starting from the $160,000 scope up to homes implicit $1 million. A web of marketplace squares provides nightly escaped entertainment, buying plazas, recreation centers, play courses, swimming, tennis, and more.

The Villages besides keeps residents harmless and steadfast with its ain on-site infirmary and nationalist information department, which includes EMS/EMT and occurrence services.

Sun City Hilton Head

Sun City Hilton Head, located successful Bluffton, S.C., portion of the Del Webb collection, is the largest progressive status assemblage for seniors successful the Lowcountry region. It's won aggregate awards arsenic 1 of the champion communities for an progressive manner and is location to much than 16,000 residents. This assemblage includes much than 8,200 homes ranging from the mid-$100,000s to implicit $1 million. The bosom of the assemblage is an amenity field implicit with areas to dine, swim, play games, and socialize. There are 7.5 miles of walking trails with views of section wetlands and 3 state-of-the-art fittingness centers. Sun City Hilton Head is besides well-known for its 3 18-hole title play courses.

Sun City Summerlin

Sun City Summerlin is the archetypal of the Del Webb web communities and it sits connected the occidental borderline of Las Vegas, making it adjacent capable for shopping, dining, oregon the occasional nighttime connected the town. The community’s real estate includes conscionable nether 7,800 homes which commencement successful the affordable mid-$200,000s and tin top $1 cardinal for tailored options. The bosom of Sun City Summerlin’s popularity is the community’s center, wherever 4 clubhouses supply luxury amenities and assorted activities. Resort-class dining, swimming, and gaming areas cater to the whims of residents.

Sun City Huntley

Sun City Huntley, located successful Huntley, Illinois, is an progressive status assemblage spanning 2,200 acres. This assemblage features astir 5,500 homes priced from the mid-$100,000s to the high-$500,000s, making it an affordable enactment if you're moving with a smaller status budget. In summation to its adjacent proximity to Chicago, assemblage perks see a 94,000 square-foot clubhouse hosting 80 clubs and amenities. These see an indoor walking way and spa, arts and crafts studios, and a ballroom that hosts assorted activities and events year-round. Residents tin bask miles of quality trails and outdoor activities oregon caput indoors for yoga, enactment dancing, cardio, oregon jazzercise classes.

When comparing progressive status communities, comparison the fees closely. Some communities whitethorn necessitate an entranceway interest arsenic good arsenic a monthly fee, depending connected the benignant of services and amenities offered.

Laguna Woods Village

Laguna Woods Village, located successful Laguna Woods, California, is 1 of Orange County's astir desirable status destinations if you're looking for a spot to bask the SoCal lifestyle. There are much than 18,500 residents enjoying status present successful a peaceful mounting that's conscionable minutes from the ocean. Home prices scope from the mid-$100,000s to implicit $1 million; determination are much than 80 level plans residents tin take from. Laguna Woods Village is simply a gated community, implicit with its backstage autobus system, 36 holes of premium golfing, and areas for societal events, swimming, games, and more, which is perfect if you're looking for privateness successful your caller status destination.

Lake Providence

Just extracurricular of Nashville, Tennessee, Lake Providence is simply a moderate-sized gated assemblage with conscionable implicit 1,000 homes priced from the mid-$200,000s to the high-$500,000s. The centrally-located clubhouse overlooks a 15-acre lake. An in-house manner manager keeps residents socializing by organizing assemblage and idiosyncratic events. The residents person areas to swim, eat, play, and bask an progressive lifestyle, but if you privation to task a small further from home, determination are galore historical attractions to cheque retired locally.

Village astatine Deaton Creek

The Village astatine Deaton Creek, successful Hoschton, Georgia, is different Del Webb status property. This gated assemblage features a 35,000 square-foot clubhouse that is the bosom of each assemblage activity. It's wherever you tin instrumentality fittingness classes, enactment connected arts and crafts, play a crippled of pool, oregon browse the library. Residents tin play a crippled of softball oregon tennis, aquatics successful the resort-style pool, oregon hike miles of outdoor trails— and there's a peculiar playground country reserved conscionable for grandkids. Residents tin besides instrumentality organized time trips to downtown Atlanta. The much than 1,100 homes scope successful terms from the high-$200,000s to the mid-$600,000s.

Del Webb Sweetgrass

Del Webb Sweetgrass is built connected 500 acres of premier existent property successful Richmond, Texas. Miles of walking trails and different outdoor amenities springiness residents their quality fixes. The assemblage offers a projected 1,500 homes with terms tags betwixt the mid-$200,000s and the low-$600,000s and if you can't get determination to presumption them in-person, you tin instrumentality virtual tours online. The centrally located, 27,000 square-foot clubhouse houses numerous amenities, including gaming and eating areas and places for residents to socialize.


Solivita is located successful Kissimmee, Florida, and is rapidly increasing successful popularity due to the fact that of its affordability and premier location. The master-planned community, situated connected 4,300 acres of premier Florida existent estate, houses much than 150,000 quadrate feet of amenities that see golf, h2o activities, and areas for backstage and community-wide events. It could beryllium a large prime if you're looking for a warm-weather destination successful which to walk your retirement. Homes are priced from the mid-$100,000s to the mid-$500,000s, meaning determination are options disposable for virtually immoderate status budget.

When comparing status communities, retrieve to origin successful much than conscionable your owe payment. Consider what you'll wage for spot taxes and homeowner's insurance, arsenic good arsenic whether you'll request to acquisition further homeowner's sum for things similar hurricane oregon floods if you're contemplating status successful an country that's prone to either one.

Stone Creek

Located successful Ocala, Florida, Stone Creek includes a projected 3,800 homes ranging successful terms from astir $100,000 to the mid-$500,000s. This gated assemblage offers 17 location designs, including immoderate that are acceptable for speedy move-ins truthful you tin prime and take the location that works champion for your needs and lifestyle. Known for its beauteous surrounding landscape, Stone Creek has a 60,000 square-foot recreation analyzable lodging a kitchen, dining, and gaming areas, societal halls for idiosyncratic and assemblage use, a spa, and a resort-class pool.

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