Who Is Dave Ramsey?

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At the property of 26, Dave Ramsey was bringing location a 4th of a cardinal dollars a twelvemonth and had a $4 million real property portfolio. Two years aboriginal helium mislaid everything.

Today Ramsey, 60, is 1 of America’s astir trusted sources for fiscal advice. His syndicated vigor program, "The Dave Ramsey Show," is among the apical five talk vigor shows in the United States, and is heard by 13 cardinal listeners each week connected much than 600 vigor stations, according to Ramsey's website.

Ramsey is transparent astir his concern style. He encourages his followers to debar investing successful idiosyncratic stocks and acquisition communal funds that person a agelong way grounds of bully performance. Personally, his equity investments are allocated into 4 types of mutual funds: growth, maturation and income, assertive growth, and international.

Key Takeaways

  • Dave Ramsay is simply a well-known fiscal guru and writer with a nationally syndicated vigor amusement and different media presence.
  • Before becoming a fiscal pundit, Ramsay saw some aboriginal occurrence and bankruptcy.
  • Ramsay employs Christian values to assistance convey his connection of fiscal prudence and saving.
  • Dave Ramsey is transparent astir his concern style, and helium encourages his followers to debar investing successful idiosyncratic stocks and acquisition communal funds with a agelong way grounds of bully performance.
  • Ramsay's nett worthy is estimated to beryllium astir $200 million.

Besides communal funds, Ramsey owns a portfolio of rental properties. His existent property concern philosophy is based connected acquiring properties without the usage of debt financing. 

Dave Ramsey has travel a agelong mode since filing for idiosyncratic bankruptcy successful his aboriginal years. With his estimated net worth of $200 million, he's living impervious that anyone tin crook a atrocious fiscal concern around. Ramsey made his archetypal million, mislaid it, and past rebuilt an adjacent larger luck successful a comparatively abbreviated period.

Early Life and Education

Ramsey was calved September 3, 1960, and helium grew up successful a household that instilled a beardown enactment ethic. In “Live Like No One Else,” a 20-minute documentary connected his life, Ramsey tells the communicative of erstwhile helium was 12 years old and asked his begetter for wealth to acquisition a popsicle. He said his begetter responded to his petition by saying, “You are aged capable to get a job. That’s wherever wealth comes from.”

That speech with his begetter inspired Ramsey to go an entrepreneur. That aforesaid time helium printed 500 concern cards astatine the section people store for his archetypal venture: a tract attraction business. Throughout his schoolhouse years, helium had a fig of different businesses, 1 of which sold leather bracelets. Ramsey said his aboriginal concern ventures taught him invaluable lessons similar lawsuit work and the value of keeping your word. 

Three weeks aft turning 18, Ramsey passed his existent property licence exam. He utilized the commissions helium made from selling spot during assemblage to assistance wage his tuition. As a child, helium had been exposed to the satellite of existent estate, and successful his publication Dave Ramsey's Complete Guide to Money, he explained, "My parents were successful the existent property business, truthful it has ever been a large portion of my life."

Notable Accomplishments

Real Estate Success and Failure

After graduating from college, helium started to flip properties. As a effect of having a fewer household connections at local banks, Ramsey was capable to unafraid financing for his deals. At the property of 26, his existent property portfolio was worthy $4 million, and his nett worthy was conscionable implicit $1 million.

His archetypal occurrence was short-lived, and helium ended up filing for idiosyncratic bankruptcy extortion astatine property 28 in 1988, mainly due to the fact that his largest lender—to whom helium owed $1.2 million—was acquired by a bigger bank. The slope demanded Ramsey wage the full indebtedness disconnected wrong 90 days. Shortly aft receiving his archetypal request notice, different slope called his $800,000 worth of notes. Ramsey managed to wage the bulk of the indebtedness down, leaving $378,000 outstanding.

Financial Counseling Business

Ramsey's autumn from grace led him to Christianity. He began to work the Bible and discovered that "God's connection has a batch to accidental astir money." In the documentary, Ramsey says that 1 time aft church, a antheral going done fiscal difficulties asked him however precisely helium survived his wealth troubles successful the past. He agreed to assistance the antheral and his woman make a financial plan for their life—and truthful began Ramsey's fiscal counseling career.

Ramsey started a idiosyncratic concern counseling institution called The Lampo Group. His money management people started with 37 students, but membership grew to much than 350 students aft a fewer years of operation.

Author and The Dave Ramsey Show

Following the occurrence of The Lampo Group, Ramsey began to co-host a personal finance-focused vigor amusement called ‘‘The Money Game’’ with his friend, Roy Matlock. Around that time, helium besides published his archetypal book, ‘‘Financial Peace,’’ and leveraged his increasing vigor assemblage to assistance merchantability it.

Ramsey past launched a spin-off vigor programme called ‘‘The Dave Ramsey Show.’’ In each episode, radical from each implicit the state telephone successful to inquire Ramsey a wide scope of idiosyncratic concern questions.

At the property of 26, Dave Ramsey's existent property portfolio was worthy $4 million, and his nett worthy was conscionable implicit $1 million. As of 2021, is nett worthy is astir $200 million.

As an evangelical Christian, Ramsey uses biblical principles to thatch his followers however to amended their fiscal conditions. For example, helium often advises others to debar debt due to the fact that Bible verse Proverbs 22:7 states, “The affluent regularisation implicit the poor, and the borrower is simply a enslaved to the lender.”

The Bottom Line

From a precise aboriginal age, Dave Ramsey understood determination was worth successful a day’s work. As a child, helium started respective antithetic concern ventures to gain other pouch money. His impeccable enactment ethic helped him go a millionaire by the property of 26. A fewer years aft reaching the million-dollar net-worth milestone, Ramsey filed for idiosyncratic bankruptcy.

Since then, helium has created a concern empire that revolves astir utilizing his erstwhile wealth mistakes and Bible scriptures to thatch astute money-management practices. Today, millions of Americans person turned to the teachings of Dave Ramsey to usher them on the way to fiscal information and wealth.

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