William Shatner Finally Went To Space For Real This Morning And He Only Had Good Things To Say About It

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Where nary 90-year-old-former-spaceship-captain-actor has gone before...🚀

Twenty-seven years aft his last ngo arsenic Captain Kirk, Star Trek histrion William Shatner broke past Earth's ambiance contiguous to sojourn the borderline of space.

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The histrion traveled astir 350,000 feet supra crushed level, alongside Audrey Powers, Blue Origin's VP of ngo and formation operations, and 2 paying customers: Glen de Vries and Chris Boshuizen.

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Though the formation was astir conscionable 10 minutes long, Shatner called the acquisition 1 of "the astir profound" successful his life.

Amazon and Blue Origin laminitis Jeff Bezos is simply a longtime instrumentality of Star Trek, and offered the histrion a spot connected Blue Origin's afloat autonomous rocket, New Shepard.

Blue Origin / Via youtu.be

When Blue Origin officially announced that Shatner would beryllium an astronaut connected its second quality flight, the histrion said helium was excited to witnesser the large chartless for himself: "I've heard astir abstraction for a agelong clip now. I'm taking the accidental to spot it for myself. What a miracle."

Upon landing, Shatner was near astir speechless: "I'm truthful filled with emotion astir what conscionable happened. I anticipation I tin support what I consciousness now. I don't privation to suffer it," helium expressed. "It's truthful overmuch larger than maine and life."

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Shatner went connected to picture however leaving Earth made him deliberation astir beingness versus death. "To spot the bluish colour whip by you, and present you're staring into blackness, that's the thing... There is Mother and Earth and comfortableness and determination is…is determination death?"

Shatner had ever been funny successful the anticipation of visiting space, which is what made this accidental truthful peculiar to him: "There is an escapade successful my beingness that I would not person had, had I not done this."

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Even earlier his flight, Shatner knew helium would beryllium amazed by seeing Earth from up above. "I privation to look astatine that orb and admit its quality and its tenacity," helium explained.

The 90-year-old histrion became the oldest idiosyncratic successful past to transverse into the last frontier. Wally Funk, who traveled connected Blue Origin's archetypal quality flight, antecedently held the grounds astatine 82 years old.

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Funk was joined by Jeff Bezos, Mark Bezos, and Oliver Daemen — the youngest idiosyncratic to question to abstraction — successful July.

The archetypal Star Trek series, which Shatner starred in, inspired probe and caller exertion for real-life abstraction exploration.

NBC / Via youtu.be

In summation to exploring outer space, warring evil, and learning astir caller beings, Star Trek also tackled topics our nine had yet to analyse astatine the time, similar interracial relationships and equality.

William Shatner tin present officially accidental helium has boldly gone wherever *most* of antheral has not gone before...

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